The Kincaid Elementary Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that raises funds to benefit students at Kincaid Elementary School in Marietta, Georgia.

The Foundation was established on June 16, 2010, by a group of concerned parents, teachers, and administrators. At the time, the Cobb County Board of Education was facing an unprecedented budget shortfall of more than $100 million. The shortfall would impact Kincaid students on every level – it would affect the school calendar, increase teacher-to-student ratios, delay planned facility improvements, decrease funds for teacher stipends, and reduce funds for tutoring and other specialized programs. Working together, parents, teachers, and administrators formed the Kincaid Foundation to fund needed programs and other initiatives. This was done in collaboration with Kincaid’s PTA. The Foundation was embraced by the greater Kincaid community and has been benefitting students ever since.


To provide resources to all Kincaid Elementary students so that they may receive a diverse, state-of-the- art education that fosters accelerated achievement through enhancements in curriculum, technology, and facilities. The Foundation will accomplish this through collaborations with the school administration, PTA, our families, and the community.

Our 2016/2017 Goals

  • AR Subscription for 3 Years — In cooperation with the Kincaid PTA, we will both supply Kincaid Elementary with a 3 year renewal to the AR tool. This tool is valuable to teachers and parents to track student reading abilities and progress.
  • Establish a Teacher Grant Program — To provide teachers with specific needs for their classroom.
  • Teacher Supply Money — To assist teachers by providing supplies or resources for the classroom.
  • Learning Commons Computer Equipment — To provide resources to support the new Learning Commons.
  • Science Lab Teacher Salary — To continue to provide Kincaid with a science lab teacher so every grade can rotate regularly through the science lab as part of its curriculum.
  • Science Lab Supplies — To continue to ensure the Science Lab has off of the supplies it needs for all grade levels.
  • STEM Lab Teacher Supplemental Salary — To support the STEM Lab with teacher support.
  • STEM Lab Supplies — To support the STEM Lab with supplies and resources for daily operation.
  • Saving For the Future — To continue to build capital reserves for future needs at Kincaid.

For a copy of our Annual Report, click here.

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