Every dollar you donate to the Kincaid Foundation goes directly back into Kincaid. Here is how your dollars supported Kincaid over the past year:

  • Teacher classroom supplies/support $2,200
  • Science and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Teacher Salaries $27,500
  • Science and STEM Lab Supplies $2,000IMG_3609
  • Assisted in the renewal of the AR tool of the entire school $2,000
  • Teacher Grants $2,800

Since its inception, the Kincaid Foundation has:

  • Donated 20 Document cameras (ELMOs) for classrooms
  • Purchased 30 Laptops, 2 Mobile Computing Stations and a High Volume Laser Printer for the STEM Lab
  • Given teacher supply money each year
  • Offered teacher grants
  • Funded substitutes for additional teacher training
  • Supported math programs
  • Provided language curriculum support
  • Partnered with PTA to keep the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) available to our teachers and students.

And there’s more…

The Foundation also introduced and completely funded the first science lab at Kincaid. The lab is fully stocked and supplied and employs a full time teacher, allowing every grade to rotate through regularly as part of its curriculum. A one year STEM coordinator was hired to spearhead the STEM curriculum in Kincaid’s new STEM lab and STEM nights were introduced to educate parents on the importance of their student’s STEM education. The Foundation has accomplished all of these things while consistently saving for future needs such as this past year’s donation of more than $30,000 for laptops and a mobile computing station to stock the STEM lab with the technology it needed to incorporate the “T” in STEM.

For a copy of our Annual Report, click here.

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