Creating a new hands-on, collaborative learning environment for students that incorporates critical thinking across disciplines.


What is STEM education? 

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. STEM education integrates these four disciplines with a commitment to hands-on, collaborative and cooperative learning. The basic premise of STEM education is critical thinking and problem solving.

Why is STEM education important?

In order to compete in the global economy, STEM education has become a national priority. By 2018, the growing demand for STEM jobs is projected to increase by 17% in contrast to a 10% increase in non-STEM jobs. However the number of STEM skilled workers has not been able to keep up with this increase in demand. In order to meet the job market demands, it is important to integrate STEM education into the curriculum so the pipeline of STEM skilled workers grows to meet the demands of industry.

At Kincaid, a STEM education brings real life hands-on practice to our students. It is the integration and application of cross curricular content. This allows students to understand the relationship of the subjects they study and how math, science and technology all work together.

Links on the importance of STEM education:

How is Kincaid incorporating STEM education?

A long-term strategic plan has been proposed to fully integrate STEM education at Kincaid. This includes teacher collaboration, the use of technology in everyday learning, hands-on STEM based projects as part of the curriculum, facility upgrades to convert the existing science lab to a STEM lab and the hiring of a STEM lab instructor.

What is the Kincaid Elementary Foundation contributing?

Through donations the Kincaid Foundation is currently funding the science lab teacher and lab supplies. Additionally, the Foundation is raising money to transition the existing science lab to a STEM lab. This includes hiring a new STEM lab instructor, purchasing a color printer and scanner for the computer lab and purchasing laptops for school wide use. At the end of the 2013-14 school year, the Foundation was able to purchase the color printer and scanner for the computer lab. At the beginning of the 2014-15 school year, the Foundation purchased 30 new laptops, 2 laptop carts and 1 laser printer for the new STEM Lab. The laptops will also be available to the school on a check-out basis.

Why do we need to raise money?

The initial estimated cost to transition our science lab to a STEM lab is $35,000. The funding for the STEM lab will not be provided by the school district and must be raised through the Foundation.

Click here to download a presentation about STEM education.