Why was the Kincaid Elementary Foundation formed? The Kincaid Foundation was formed to serve the interests of all students at Kincaid by providing funding for programs and initiatives that go above and beyond what is offered by the state, county, and PTA. The Foundation was formed in June 2010, as the Cobb County Board of Education approved a budget with a $126.7 million spending reduction for the 2011 fiscal year. Knowing that this would have an immediate impact on our children’s education, the Foundation began working to fill the gaps left by such devastating cuts.

Does Kincaid need both a Foundation and a PTA? Absolutely. Both organizations strive to ensure Kincaid students receive an excellent education. Our PTA advocates for our children and plans programs to meet the specific needs of our Kincaid families. National PTA guidelines do not allow fundraising for instructor salaries, capital needs, and ongoing expenses. This is where our Foundation steps in and helps meet defined educational and financial needs at Kincaid.

What are the Foundation’s goals? The Foundation actively raises funds to meet short- and long-term goals focused on curriculum, technology, and instructional labs.

How does the Foundation raise funds? The Foundation raises funds through a variety of ways. Each year the Foundation holds a Family Investment Campaign which asks each family to donate. There are also after-school programs (FACS) that donate funds back to the Foundation, corporate donations, and special events held throughout the school year.

Is my Foundation contribution tax deductible? Donations made to the Foundation’s Family Investment Campaign are 100 percent tax deductible. Funds used to purchase a product or service (such as after-school programs or engraved bricks) are not tax deductible.

Can my business or employer support the Kincaid Foundation? Yes! We encourage families to find out if their employer offers a corporate match for charitable donations. We can help you obtain that information. We also welcome corporate sponsorships and monetary or in-kind donations from businesses. For more information, contact the Foundation president at president@kincaidfoundation.org.

What can I do to support the Kincaid Foundation? We encourage all families to participate in the Kincaid Foundation by contributing to the Family Investment Campaign. Funds from this campaign benefit our short-term goals and help us build reserves to reach our long-term goals. You can also get involved by volunteering to help with our programs. We welcome your talent and expertise.

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